HS602 Intelligent Pressure Calibrator
◆ Range(-1-0)bar,(0-2500)bar
(any range within this two range)
◆ Accuracy:±0.025%F.S

Product Description
HS602 Intelligent Pressure Calibrator
has the double-line large screen with backlight
function. It can meet customers' requirement in the 6-digit display and 9 pressure units. It provides pressure measurement for calibrating pressure (differential pressure) transmitters, precision (general) pressure gauges and other pressure instruments. It has been used in the industries of power, chemical, petrol, metallurgy, metering, etc.

Technical specification
◆ Range(-1-0)bar,(0-2500)bar(any range within this two range)
◆ Accuracy:±0.025%F.S,±0.05%F.S,±0.1%F.S,±0.2%F.S,±0.5%F.S
   Current measurement: (0-25)mA
   Voltage measurement: (0-25)V
◆ Temperature compensating range:(0-50)℃
◆ DC output:DC24V(≤30mA) Accuracy: ±1%F.S
◆ Power supply:7.4Vdc Lithium battery power supply and special charger
◆ Connection:M20×1.5 or 1/4"NPT male thread(or customized)
◆ Dimensions:Φ95mmx49mm. Total Height:166mm
◆ Weight:0.75kg

◆ Equipped with rugged ABS plastic
◆ Pressure-transmitting medium including air, oil, and water
◆ 6-digit LCD screen with backlight
◆ Nine Pressure Units Selectable: kPa, Pa, psi, kgf/cm2, bar, mbar,mmH2O, mmHg, MPa
◆ Zero point, full scale calibration function
◆ 7.4Vdc Lithium battery and special charger
◆ Overload and short circuit protection
◆ Light weight, small size, easy operation
◆ Rapid in operation, compatible with computer software
◆ Support Hart Version 5
◆ With max/min Values functions
◆ CE&EX approved

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