Digital Is Best
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A digital pressure gauge is preferred because it is more accurate and stable. The gauge reading is unaffected by vibration, and a digital gauge will not need calibration as often. In addition, its features, such as multiple units of measure, help end users convert their lingo for the different engineers to whom they will be talking. To make digital pressure gauges more affordable, end users can plumb in a valve at the suction nozzle and discharge of their pumps. This will allow them to use one set of gauges on multiple pumps, so that they can enjoy the enhanced reliability and features of digital gauges without large expenditures. Analog pressure gauges, on the other hand, are less accurate and less reliable. The needle and internal gears are dramatically affected by vibration. If left on a vibrating line for too long, the gauge will quickly wear—requiring either recalibration or replacement. Reading a needle on an analog pressure gauge contributes to inaccuracies. If a good analog gauge has an error band of 5 percent or less, this is magnified by visual error. The user who reads the gauge is guessing at decimal points, and the angle at which it is read will increase the error band. This is compounded when the needle vibrates. Suddenly, the analog gauge that was purchased for a low price with good-enough accuracy is no longer capable of performing within spec.
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